St Charles Lighting Scuatone light sconce

There’s hardly a lighting fixture with more romance and glamour than the sconce. First designed to carry candles, the original sconces imparted a bright glow as they hung like torches.

Today’s sconces can serve as one of your primary sources of light but are typically used to layer light instead. Some are even designed to mimic the look of candles.

These wall lighting fixtures are ideal for imparting an even glow in any room of your choosing. A great source of ambient lighting, they bring an Old World touch to your home while still suiting a more contemporary style.

You can even use them in pairs to showcase your favorite works of art, creating a framed lighting effect.

You’ll find both traditional and modern designs of sconces at St. Charles Lighting. Mix and match to create a look that fits your interior style. Be sure to check out our sconces made with hand cut crystals.

If you prefer a more subtle design, we also offer chrome wall sconces. Be sure to visit one of our showrooms to get an idea of how lovely these pieces will look in your home.