Exterior Lighting

From St. Charles Lighting

Are you looking for new or improved exterior lighting for your home or business? St. Charles Lighting serves all of metro New Orleans and has 2 showrooms in Metairie and Paradis for your convenience. Stop by and see our huge selection of outdoor lighting for yourself!

Don’t Overlook Exterior Lighting

When you think of lighting for your home, lamps, chandeliers and other forms of interior lighting likely come to mind first. But exterior lighting is one of the most important aspects of brightening up your home.

Outdoor lighting improves the visibility and security of your home. High traffic areas like the walkways, garage and doors need an extra bit of lighting to make entering and exiting secure.

Craftmade exterior lighting style

Try wall lanterns and mounts to give your front and back doors the perfect amount of light.

For areas where you need high visibility, check out our floodlights and outdoor wall mounts.

We also offer Mason jar wall mounts for an extra bit of casual style on your patio or porch.

Find Your Style

To make the best first impression, use outdoor lighting to structure and frame your home.

Exterior lights enhance details of your home such as a bright red front door or large screened porch. They also make outdoor entertaining more practical and enjoyable for your guests.

Don’t forget to add some lights to your deck for a delightfully rustic feel. You’ll find an extensive selection to choose from including bronze deck lights and Santa Barbara lanterns.

To enhance the beauty of your home, head to St. Charles Lighting for your outdoor lighting needs. From classical wall lanterns to pathway lights, you’ll find just what you need to make your home brighter, cozier and more secure.