Crystal Chandeliers

From St. Charles Lighting with Locations in Metairie & Paradis, LA

Every house needs a chandelier to add some sparkle and brilliance. How else will you make things look so effortlessly elegant?

A crystal chandelier is sure to be the showpiece of your home. If you’re looking for a conversation and party starter, this timeless piece is your best bet.

st charles lighting yorkshire traditional chandelierCrystal chandeliers have a way of bringing a touch of class and glamour wherever they go.

Dress up your rooms with the perfect amount of shine

With a crystal chandelier, you can set a tone of sophistication for any space you desire, like a living room or dining area. Or display it in a room that needs a lift and some extra glamour like the bath!

Despite its commanding presence, a chandelier works well with both extravagant and minimalist styles.

It dresses up a room without requiring much extra fanfare and decoration. You can make it as informal or as formal as you wish by carefully choosing your accessories.

Crystal chandeliers are one of our specialties at St. Charles Lighting. You’ll love our expansive selection of the finest and most charming options.

st charles lighting chandelier close up

Whether you’re looking for something soft and delicate or a hardy workhorse, you’ll find the perfect one to match your tastes, décor, and stylistic vision.

Our product line includes a variety of sizes and themes including:

  • mini-chandeliers
  • three-tier
  • multi-light

Just be aware—the right chandelier may leave you addicted to all things dazzling.

We offer two showrooms in Paradis and Metairie, Louisiana so you take a closer look at the items. Give each chandelier a spin before choosing your favorite. You’ll also have the chance to find the right fixtures and lighting options to suit your new crystal showpiece.

Our team will be happy to walk you through the options to find exactly what you’re looking for. With some personalized guidance, everything from selecting to installing will be a cinch.

Go ahead–add some glimmer and fun to your home by browsing our product line.