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From St. Charles Lighting with Locations in Metairie & Paradis, LA

It’s hard to find a home in New Orleans that couldn’t use a ceiling fan or two. With our long, hazy summers, a cool breeze is always appreciated.

Ceiling fans provide that refreshing burst of air by circulating it perfectly through the room. They keep things comfortable even during the hottest months of the year.

Their functions aren’t limited to cooling things off, however. They can even add a decorative touch to your home. If your idea of a ceiling fan is a monstrous, outdated eyesore, think again.

The right one will enhance the natural structure and design of any space. That means you’ll have something appealing to admire while you’re cooling from the latest heatwave.

At St. Charles Lighting, you’ll find fans that circulate cool air and integrate seamlessly into your current décor. No need to worry about how to update and bring it all together. Thanks to the quality design, the hard work has been done for you.

You’ll find plenty of options to match your décor, personal taste and desired function. We offer fans by Monte Carlo, Matthew Fans Company, Emerson, just to name a few.

img2b Some of the surprisingly stylish options include:

outdoor fans
dual-motor fans
wall fans

Empowered by the latest technologies, our ceiling fans keep things cool without disturbing the flow and ambience of your home. Loud, disruptive fans are a thing of the past.

With our team on your side, you’ll discover the ideal solution for your home, whether it’s a delicate, understated fan or stand out, extravagant piece.

Forget about sacrificing style for function. Here it’s possible to enjoy both!

Want to get an idea of how that ceiling fan will look displayed before you bring it home? Check out our showroom, designed to paint a realistic picture in your mind.

No more buyer’s remorse. You’ll love knowing exactly what you’re getting.

St. Charles Lighting is sure to change the way you think about ceiling fans. Review our versatile selection to keep it cool and breezy all year-round in New Orleans and the Bayou area.