Bathroom Lighting & Fixtures

From St. Charles Lighting with Locations in Metairie & Paradis, LA

What’s the most multi-purpose room in your home? It’s probably the bathroom.

Lighting can make it or break it for this high-traffic area. And you’ll want complementary fixtures to bring the look together.

In this space, you need light that’s perfect for both long primping sessions and quick glances in the mirror. To get the job done, the final effect should be neither too bright nor too dim.

No more stark overhead lighting, heavy shadows or unbalanced light to deal with every morning. Instead, check out these high end bathroom fixtures:

At St. Charles Lighting, you’ll find the selection you need to get it just right. We offer an array of options including vanity lights, sconces, wall mounts, and wall lights. Come see for yourself and shop our selection of bathroom lighting & fixtures at either of our locations in Metairie (serving Metro New Orleans) or Paradis, LA.

crystallure one light bathroom sconce

Mixing and matching to suit your style is encouraged!

There are fixtures to complement your current décor or even inspire an upgrade. Make your bathroom as classic or as modern as you wish with styles like Tiffany, Craftsman and Tropical. There’s something to satisfy every taste.

Getting creative with your bathroom lighting is a blast with our wide selection of products. You can even create a cohesive look for your entire home by selecting a lighting bundle or customizable package.

Cost Saving & Energy Efficient

Looking to cut down on energy costs and make your home greener? Check out our energy efficient bulbs. We carry popular brands like ELK Lighting, Maxim and Nuvo.

maxim energy efficient bathroom vanity light Our team of LED specialists will help you save money and the planet while brightening up your

bathroom. With as much traffic as this room receives, going energy-friendly makes sense and offers a long-term payoff.

So, don’t leave your bathroom’s good looks and function up to chance. For an end result that’s both useful and stylish, head to St. Charles Lighting in Paradis or Metairie, Louisiana.

Our team will be happy to take care of one of the most important rooms in your house.